The End of the World: Machine Fucking Apocolypse

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Real life couple and industry newcomers, Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir, debut in this special feature update “Apocalypse”. The world is over. Skin Diamond and Asphyxia Noir have hunkered down in the basement of a destroyed sex toy factory, living out their days fucking shit up and fucking the shit out of each other. In their own private world these two hot tank girls find dirty ways to pass the time including fisting, ass fucking, and finding every toy and machine they can..

Two Machines Fucking in Every Scene

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Kaylee Hilton is not your average girl. She may come from the average, quiet, seemingly chaste MidWest, but now she’s bottled up all that prudish upbringing and thrown it in the Pacific! Today is not an average day either – far from it. Today we use two machines in every scene, in at least two of Kaylee’s holes with the exception of the double vag where two machines are fighting for bragging rights in her pussy. Hold on too, because Kaylee likes to kick when she’s cumming and she smashes the camera a couple times while bucking around!.

BONUS: Full Rack Friday Blonde to Warm you up for the SUPERBOWL GO SF!

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Brooke Fox is very new to porn and she tries her best to keep up with the machine orgasms, but she runs out of steam after just a couple machines. She looked so good trying and her sexy tanned body and big tits was too good to send home. So we shot what we could of Brooke and then watched her have a big feel-good orgasm on the Sybian and then set her home happy..

Let it Rain – Squirting Amateur Girl

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Little Ms. Haze is a rookie who has only worked at She’s done a few web cam shows and made a couple appearances on other sites, but she is still so new she almost squeaks. That is until you get her naked and let the machines fuck her – then she squirts and squirts. The pounding she takes is unbelievable and she only cums when the machines are on high. That’s the Bunny Fucker, the Fucksall AND the Little Guy – three of the fastest machines on the planet fucking her on high and making her squirt. So welcome her to who you can only see here at

part 2

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Jessi is busted for sucking her boyfriend’s dick in the mall bathroom. This makes her perfect bait for the Mall cops who like to blackmail girls for sex. Mellanie started by scaring Jessi into submission and now that Jessi has had a couple orgasms, she’s doesn’t resist any further “interrogation”. Mellanie controls two machines – one her slut’s pussy and one in her own until both have cum hard and little Jessi squirts on her desk..

Isis Love
pinned by huge black cock and squirting like mad.

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An after hours play party here at the Armory is a pretty common event. What is rare, is getting the smoking hot Isis Love alone in a room with a fucksall and a huge black dick. Isis is a fucksall overachiever. She takes a 10 inch long, 9 inches round, 3 pound, black dick going mach 4 in her pussy until she squirts. And squirts and squirts. Thank you Isis Love. Isis fucks the machine dick in a couple positions until her pussy is gaping wide and she is spent..

Summer intern – Erin Taylor

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Erin Taylor’s summer internship just got a lot hotter as she discovers her bosses kinky machines. She locks the door, and decides to have a little fun in private – or so she thinks. The room is rigged with surveillance cams and Erin’s secret session becomes not so sneaky after all as her boss videotapes her naked and fucking in his office. Erin has a couple solid orgasms on the Love Seat and with Pandora’s box but the SatisfyHer wins her over as she cums standing up and again spread out on the couch..

Hard Days Night with new girl, Jody Love

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After a long day of work, the sexy 5’9, Jody strips out of her office wear and spreads out on the couch for some “me” time. First she unwinds with the a pulsing inflatable plug that has her pussy do contractions as it stretches and releases automatically. Then on to the big guns – she cranks the MK II until it is ramming her to climax and she pussy whips fuckzilla until he gets her off twice. Finally she stretches her long lovely body out on her bed and uses a couple of huge dildos on the Titan to open her pussy as far as possible for one last intense orgasm to send her off to sleep..