Jackie Moore

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There is little doubt Jackie Moore is an equal opportunity employer when it comes to which hole she likes filled. We took her out to a friend’s boat and tried our best to keep up with her. We finally got to use the very noisy “Pussy Whacker”, a machine we got from Ken’s Twisted Mind a long time ago, but were never able to use because it’s a fume spewing 2-stroke engine..


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Shooting Veronika the second time was as much fun as the first. This time we treated her better though, we didn’t chain her or handcuff her, but we did warm her up with a solid pat on the arse. Then fucks the machines hard, taking in some pretty big dildos (btw, we just rebuilt the Jetaime, so you will see an improved version soon)..


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Chanta is a beautiful natural blonde from Australia. She told us that her parents sent her to [REDACTED] abroad when she was more interested in the local talent than her [REDACTED]work! They hoped she would become more studious if she were in a foreign country – she became more studious all right, just look at the inventive ways to amuse herself she has discovered!.

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