Nikki and Melissa Dettwiller

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Two gorgeous flatmates, Trish and Nikki, came from Memphis to work with us. Originally, we were going to shoot them only separately. One of their boyfriends suggested we shoot them together. Once on the set they went crazy. I’ve never seen two girls suck each other’s pussies, lick each others asses, and totally get off on each other like this. This isnt the fake hollywood style ‘I’ll put my tongue near your pussy and act like I’m into you’, this is two girls massively getting off on getting fucked together. The slurping sounds of the 69 have to be heard to be believed!.


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Tawny is back in ‘Fuck me again, big boy!’. Last time, we couldn’t seem to find a dildo big enough. So we went out to Mr.S Leather and bought a black dong the size of a big man’s fist. Finally, Tawny’s sexual limit has been found. Just for good measure, she also took the Fucksall up the ass, the Sybian with a double insertion dildo, the Invader and the Violator doggy and missionary..


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At last, the Violator looses his virginity. There were no limp dick problems and Lulu got it long and hard. She tried to run, but was pinned to the pool table whilst trying to escape! Just for good measure, the Intruder took her in a number of positions..

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